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ItemCost Estimates
Number of Pages:$0
Copywriting for Pages:$0
SEO with Placement Guarantee:$0
Responsive Design:$0
E-Commerce Functionality:$0
Blog Setup:$0
Custom Plugin:$0
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Website Cost Calculator with Full Transparency

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FactorQuantity RangePrice per Unit / Flat Rate
Number of Pages1 – 5$70
6 – 10$65
11 – 20$60
Copywriting for Pages1 – 5$45
6 – 10$40
11 – 20$35
SEO with Placement GuaranteeAny$150 (Flat Rate)
Responsive DesignAny$100 (Flat Rate)
E-Commerce FunctionalityAny$500 (Flat Rate)
Blog SetupAny$150 (Flat Rate)
Custom PluginAny$350 (Flat Rate)

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