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With our Speed Optimization Service, you can get the most out of your website. Boost engagement, improve user experience, and move up the search results page. Our expert team ensures lightning-fast load times for optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

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Site Speed Optimization Services That Boost Engagement and Rankings

What do page speed optimization services include?

Here are some of the services included in one of our page speed optimization plans:

Dedicated project point of contact

At SteveAyo, we believe that you should have a point of contact that sticks with you throughout the length of your campaign. Why? That way, you always know who you’ll be talking to. Your point of contact will know and understand your campaign, and you won’t have to be transferred to three different people to get answered.

We want to be sure that you get the very best service, and to do so, we ensure that you’ll have a point of contact that can answer any questions you may have, update you on your campaign, and so much more.

Project web developers

Website speed optimization is a process – it doesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes projects that go on in order to ensure that your page speed is at its best. To handle the job, we employ web developers to make sure the job is done right.

Custom design and creative theme development

In order to understand what your site needs to be speedy, we’ll take an audit of your current server configuration. From there, we’ll determine what needs to be improved in order to make your site run faster.

“If needed” basis

On an “if needed” basis, we can do the following:

  1. Website/CSS optimization
  2. Combine CSS and Javascript files
  3. Gzip compression
  4. Caching setup and/or configuration
  5. Optimize/reduce number of redirects

And tons more.

Why should you work with us for your page speed optimization needs? Check out the results we’re typically able to drive for our page speed customers.

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  • 15 hours quarterly
  • $600 monthly investment
  • Best for websites under 200 pages


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  • 25 hours quarterly
  • $1,200 monthly investment
  • Best for websites under 500 pages


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  • 35 hours quarterly
  • $1,800 monthly investment
  • Best for websites 500 pages+


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When your company partners with us, you:

Extend your marketing team

When you partner with Us, our team takes the time to get to know your unique company, including your industry, target market, and goals. We strive to become an extension of your existing marketing team and a long-term partner dedicated to your company’s growth.

Get ongoing support

We don’t just stop at page speed optimization. SteveAyo is a full-service digital marketing agency ready to help with all of your digital marketing needs, including SEO, PPC, web design, and more!

Boost your leads and conversions

Improve your page load speed and keep users engaged on your site for longer. Boost your rankings in relevant search engine results pages to drive more qualified traffic to your site. Then, watch the leads and conversions roll in.

What are the benefits of site speed optimization?

There are a few main benefits that come to mind when thinking about site speed optimization:

Improved Google rankings

Google considers page speed as a ranking factor, so it’s important that you keep your site optimized. When your site loads quickly for users, you’ll have a better chance at ranking higher in search since you provide users with a great experience.

Users will spend more time on your site

Since fast-loading pages provide users with the instant gratification that they desire, they’ll stay on your site longer if your pages load quickly. This also goes hand-in-hand with the next benefit.

Users won’t bounce to competitor sites

One of the top reasons users bounce to a competitor’s site is because the site wouldn’t load. If your site loads quickly and users can find the info they’re looking for, there’s no reason for them to bounce to a competitor’s website.

Increased leads, conversions, and revenue over time

With higher rankings due to a fast load time, more site visitors staying on your site, and more – you’ll see an increase in leads, conversions, and revenue over time when you keep up with your website speed optimization.

FAQs about website speed optimization services

What is the difference between page speed and site speed?

Page speed and site speed both relate to how quickly the content on your website loads, but there is a technical difference between the two terms.

Page speed refers to how quickly the content on a specific page loads. It may be defined as either:

1. Page load time: How long it takes to fully display a page’s content. The average page load time is 10.3 seconds.
2. Time to first byte: How long it takes a browser to receive the first byte of information from your server

Site speed is a measurement of how quickly your whole website loads. It’s calculated by taking the average page speed for a sample of page views on your site.

Website speed is a more general term used to describe how quickly your site loads and may also be used as a synonym for site speed.

Page speed, site speed, and website speed are closely related terms, and they all impact your site’s user experience and rankings.

What factors contribute to slow load time?

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to slow load time including:

1. Sloppy HTML coding
One surefire way to ensure that your pages will load slowly is by having a sloppy HTML code on the backend of your site.

HTML code is what tells your page how to look when users view it on your website. The code is made up of all sorts of tags that tell the page how to work and what to do.

Every page on your website will have a page of code, and the larger and more complex your website is, the more complex your code will be. This is where it becomes easy for your code to become jumbled and sloppy.

In order to keep your pages loading quickly, it’s essential to ensure that there are no extra tags and that everything is referenced properly. Otherwise, it will take the server longer to read the code — causing a slow-loading site.

2. Huge, unoptimized graphics
Including graphics on your site is crucial to providing a great user experience. When you offer a whole page of information, for example, it’s important to break up all that information with some images, graphics, or video to ensure that the reader doesn’t get bored.

However, all the bells and whistles that you can add to your site pages in terms of graphics and videos can weigh your site down and cause it to load slowly.

Huge, high-resolution photos are one of the biggest causes of slow-loading pages.

So how do you ensure that your site provides a great user experience with graphics while keeping page load time fast? Optimize your graphics!

Consider using a tool like to condense your image files so that they’re not so bulky. It won’t change the visual size of the image but condense the file size so that it doesn’t take as long to load on your website.

TIP: Stay away from TIFF and BMP files, and only use JPG and PNG files.

3. Too many redirects
Redirects occur when you want to replace all links to an old webpage with references to a new one. The redirects are bits of code placed within your .htaccess file in the server, and you can create as many as you need when you replace old pages on your site.

However, when you have tons of redirects on the same page, your site takes the time to reference the .htaccess file to find out the new location of where the link is pointing. This is essentially like loading links twice on your page, which ramps up page load time.

4. Server location and performance
One of the easier factors to understand — the farther away your server, the longer it will take your website to load. That said, it’s important to be mindful of where your server is located. For example, if your business is based in the United States, don’t select a server in China.

In relation to server performance, you want to ensure that you have a high-quality website hosting service. Here’s how it works:

– A user types your URL into their search bar, or visits your website from a search engine like Google
– Their browser notifies your server that they’re trying to visit your site, and asks for all the information necessary to visit your page
– If your server is high-quality, the information will arrive quickly

The quality of your server comes down to whether it’s shared or dedicated:

– Are you on a shared server? If so, you are sharing server space with another website and their traffic.
– Are you on a dedicated server? If so, you can ensure that you’re not sharing website traffic with another website. When you’re on a dedicated server, you’ll have a much faster loading time.

Site Speed Optimization Services

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Total initial project hours to be spent improving site speed, communication, and reporting:Bronze – Initial 25 hoursSilver – Initial 40 hoursGold & Ecommerce – One Time 50 hours
Quarterly Hours15 hours25 hours35 hours
Best fit websites:Under 250 pagesUnder 500 pages500 pages+
Audit of current website performance, optimization hours will be spent on the following items on based on audit results and priority:
— Website theme & plugin optimizations
— Website/CSS optimization
— Set and/or Reduction in http(s) requests
— Removal of unused code
— Combine, Prioritization, & minification of CSS and JavaScript files
— Image size optimization and compression
— Gzip compression
— Website & Browser Caching setup and/or configuration
— Optimize/reduce number of redirects
— Font delivery optimization
Performance Testing
Host Recommendations
Setup and/or configuration of a CDN
Host MigrationOne-time $600One-time $600
UX & UI optimizations
Quarterly Performance updates to top 5 trafficked pages
Quarterly submission of URL inspection
Quarterly Core Metrics Reporting & Analysis (LCP, FID, CLS)
Initial Investment$1,800$3,600$5,400
Monthly Investment$600$1,200$1,800