SEO Audit Services Get a Complete Audit & Action Plan.

What’s stopping your website from capturing (and converting) more search traffic? Get answers — alongside an action plan or implementation — with SteveAyo’s SEO audit services.

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What do our SEO audit services include?

With our pre-packaged or custom plans, you’ll receive a solution that determines your website’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, finds the SEO issues influencing your rankings, and delivers an SEO audit report with actionable recommendations that our team (if you like) can implement for you.

On-page SEO audit
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Your search engine optimization audit starts with on-page SEO, where we look for issues like:

  • Missing title tags and meta descriptions
  • Duplicate content
  • Thin content
  • Keyword stuffing

Besides identifying these issues, We will provide recommendations on how to fix them.

Technical SEO audit

Is a crawling and indexing error preventing your site from appearing in search results? Your dedicated SEO audit expert will find out! As a part of your search engine optimization audit, they’ll dig into several key files and technical SEO elements, like:

  • .htaccess file
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • HTTP headers
  • 404 error pages
  • Page speed

You’re covered when it comes to fixing these SEO issues, too. With our in-house development team, you can fix these issues fast and start seeing the results from your efforts, like getting your site indexed in Google or Bing search results.

Off-page SEO audit
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What kind of reputation does your site have? You’re about to find out. As a part of your SEO audit plan, you’ll receive an off-page analysis and comparison that analyzes your off-page SEO — and your top competitors — to gather off-page SEO insights and recommendations. Areas we evaluate include:

  • Backlink quality
  • Backlink anchor text
  • Backlink placement
  • Backlink relevancy
  • Backlink quantity

You can expect helpful recommendations that go beyond, “Get more links,” too. Instead, we’ll provide a strategy for how your business can attract relevant links from trustworthy sites in your industry. The best part? You can put this strategy into action with our in-house team of off-page SEO specialists.

SEO report
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Following our analysis and audit, your dedicated account manager will provide actionable and prioritized recommendations for fixing SEO issues across your site.

For perspective, our recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Duplicate content
  • Broken links
  • Dangling links
  • Similar title tags
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Web copy editing
  • HTML validation
  • Browser and resolution compatibility
  • Page loading times
  • Site statistics
  • Error pages

The factors listed above are just some of the elements we will address as a part of your SEO audit package. Each of these factors provides some impact in attracting search engine crawlers and — by extension — customers to your site.

Audit implementation
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Choose the option that works best for you: Fix the issues in-house or leverage your our team to start capturing more traffic (and revenue).

Leverage your our team

With our full-service team — which includes SEOs, web developers, professional copywriters, and more — you can put your SEO recommendations into action and start seeing the results, like getting indexed, improving rankings, increasing traffic, and more.

Fix your issues in-house

Need to resolve SEO issues in-house instead? We can help! Your SEO audit services include SEO support and training from our team. So, if you need someone to walk your developers through a fix or need someone to explain a fix, we’re here to assist.

SEO strategy
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Search engine optimization isn’t a once-and-done digital marketing tactic. It’s a strategy, and one that’s helped businesses grow their companies, enter new markets, and energize their local economies. That’s why our SEO audit services provide a recommended SEO strategy, offering guidance on what to do after fixing your SEO issues.

Your strategy takes into consideration:

  • Your business
  • Your market
  • Your goals
  • Your existing SEO strategy

The result? An actionable plan that’s built around your business and your aspirations for the future. Already, our custom SEO strategies have helped our clients’ companies generate more revenue — and that’s just in the past five years.

You’ve got SEO issues, and finding them requires more than a checklist — it requires a plan. We prioritize creating custom plans for our clients, focusing on your business’s goals, timeline, and SEO issues to develop a thorough SEO audit that finds the issues affecting your site.


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How do we determine pricing

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Discuss your business goals

We’ll learn about what you are hoping to achieve as a company — short- and long-term — to create an SEO audit plan that works towards your goals.

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Analyze your market

We’ll do a deep dive into your competition — both as a business and within search, specifically — to determine the best action plan.

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Review your strategic objectives

What key objectives are on your roadmap? Double down on content production? Launch a new product line? We’ll create a plan that aligns perfectly.

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  • 360° SEO audit including on-page, off-page, and technical SEO
  • Data-backed SEO strategy recommendations
  • DIY or do-it-for-me implementation
  • In-depth competitor analysis and scorecard
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Here’s why businesses choose to partner with SteveAyo:

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Make your SEO turnkey

Forget passing projects between agencies and departments. You’ll get everything you need with our SEO audit services, which analyze your off-page, on-page, and technical SEO, provide your team with an easy-to-read SEO report, and fix your SEO issues (if desired).

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Accelerate your ROI

Maximize your Return on investment with our comprehensive analysis, strategic recommendations, and actionable insights. Drive organic traffic, enhance user experience, and boost conversions faster with our expert guidance and optimization techniques.

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Turn SEO into a revenue driver

SEO isn’t for show — it’s for driving revenue. That’s why our SEO audit services prioritize recommendations by impact, so you can start capturing revenue from searches sooner.

The server files affecting your SEO

There are several files on your server — like .htaccess, robots.txt and sitemap.xml to name a few — that dictate how search engines access and index your content. Optimizing these files, so they are configured appropriately, can have a huge impact on your rankings.


The .htaccess file is a distributed configuration file. This file allows you to specify and apply configuration directives on your site. This file enables you to call the shots on how users and search engines are directed to specific pages on your site, facilitate custom error pages and apply 301 redirects.


The robots.txt file placed in the root of a website prevents web spiders from accessing specific folders on your website. It is important to follow a specific format when optimizing this file. This file is typically used for folders that dilute the theme of your website or folders that provide a dead end to robots, such as PDF files.


The creation, optimization and submission of a sitemap.xml file enables search engine spiders to better crawl your site. It also helps visitors to quickly scan your whole site for relevant information. This file provides a link and a short description of that link for each page of your site, prioritizing each page and providing a hierarchy of the most significant pages on your site to the least important pages on your site.

Additional server configuration factors

Additional server configurations such as accurate HTTP headers, accurate 404 error pages and page load times affect your search engine traffic as well. We will identify and determine the best way for you to optimize these files to ensure positive results.

FAQs about SEO audit services

What are SEO audit services?

SEO audit services are professional services that evaluate your site’s SEO, which includes your technical, off-page, and on-page SEO, and provide recommendations for improving your website’s SEO. In some instances, SEO audit services (like those from Us) will include implementing these recommendations.

How much does an SEO audit service cost?

The cost of an SEO audit service depends on several factors, including your website’s size. On average, SEO audit services cost $650 to $8,000 per audit.

Why invest in an SEO audit package?

Investing in an SEO audit package helps your business:
1. Troubleshoot lost or stagnate rankings
2. Pinpoint issues undermining SEO efforts
3. Get solutions for how to grow traffic

As your website SEO services provider, our goal is simple: Make SEO a revenue driver for your company. That’s why our SEO audit services investigate all possible factors, from title tags to page speed.

So, let’s get answers about your site’s SEO. Learn what your site needs to start meeting your traffic and revenue goals by contacting our seasoned team of strategists today!

How long do SEO audit services take?

Our SEO audit service takes 45 days.

During this time, We thoroughly analyzes and assesses your website with our SEO audit services to determine the best strategy for you moving forward and provide advice on what to change so that your site performs better in organic search rankings.
Afterward, we’ll show you our SEO audit report, so you can see areas of potential improvement in detail.

View all deliverables in our SEO audits

FeaturesMarket Leader
Reports Provided:
Pages reviewedUp to 70 pages
Audit implementation training/supportUp to 2.5 hours
Complete audit report upon completion
Future site strategy (One sheet)
Competitive scorecard (Analysis of up to 3 competitors)
Backlink report
Keyword research (Up to 50 terms)
SEO Checker reporting on all pages
External link acquisition strategyAdditional $150
Analysis Checklist:
301 redirects
Broken links
Code to text ratio
Crawl errors – complete list
Google Webmaster tools parameter exclusions
Google Webmaster tools preferred domain
HTML/CSS code review
HTTP status codes – home page
HTTP status codes – sitewide
Image optimization
Internal link structure
Page content
Remote use of .js & CSS
Robots.txt configuration
Shared IP addresses
Site compression configuration
Site load time – average
Site load time – home page
Sitemap.xml configuration
Title tag optimization
Duplicate content
Top keyword rankings
Duration45 days
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